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Fullmetal Alchemist: All Of The Homunculi, From Least To Most Evil

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There are many differences between the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime, but the antagonists in each version remain the same. The villains of Fullmetal Alchemist are the Homunculi, a cabal of artificial, super-powered humans each named for one of the seven deadly sins. The Homunculi have different origins depending on which version of the story, not to mention a varying line-up. In some cases, their stories end very differently in the manga and the anime. However, some things are consistent across all three versions of Fullmetal Alchemist: they’re deadly, dangerous, and deliciously evil.

1. Father Is The Ultimate Evil

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The first Homunculus was made ages ago in the country of Xerxes, and his name is Father. Homunculus, often known as “the dwarf in the flask,” made friends with Hohenheim in order to obtain a body of his own. To develop a body for himself that was based on Hohenheim’s own, the dwarf used his “buddy” as a tool to manipulate and ultimately transform the entire country. Yet Father wasn’t content with being merely human. He cleansed himself of humankind’s sins, becoming a perfect entity, and in the process created the other Homunculi. His ultimate objective is to pry open the Gate of Truth and take God within himself.

2. Manga & Brotherhood Pride Lives Up To His Biblical Namesake

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According to Christian belief, pride is the worst sin and the source of all other sins. The Brotherhood version of Pride in manga really suits. Pride, the eldest of the seven children, appears to be Selim Bradley in human form, and he presents himself to the world as an innocent youngster, but in reality, he is a living shadow that spans the entire continent of Amestris. Pride despises people despite personifying the source of human evil and foolishness, just like his kin. He doesn’t really like his siblings either. He does, after all, eat Gluttony to increase his own strength.

3. Envy Is A Monster In Both Versions

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The most vicious and misanthropic of the group is the shape-shifting Homunculus Envy. Jealousy is fundamentally a bully. They like nothing more than disguising themselves as the loved ones of their victims before striking their victims, as they did to Maes Hughes. They were the ones who launched the Ishvalan war, and they only have good recollections of the bloodshed. Envy shares many similarities with Lust at first in both iterations but diverges as the 2003 anime separates from the manga. 2003 Envy, in contrast to his sister, is always bad; he’s just evil for different reasons. Envy, who was once the son of Hohenheim, feels little affection for his half-siblings the Elrics. Even worse, he briefly murders Ed.

4. 2003 Pride Makes Manga & Brotherhood Bradley Look Sympathetic

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In the 2003 anime, Bradley is Pride instead of Wrath. Fitting his different sin, he’s even viler in this iteration than the source material. For starters, he lacks the gruesome backstory of his manga and Brotherhood counterpart. Any hints about his past are vague. He’s also more misanthropic, living for inflicting pain rather than the thrill of battle — a crucial distinction. In one of the series’ most disturbing scenes, he strangles his adopted son Selim to death while opining that all humans are equally worthless. As punishment, Pride gets a much more violent death than Wrath-Bradley.

5. Manga & Brotherhood Lust Should Be Called Bloodlust

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There isn’t any chance of redemption or character growth for Brotherhood Lust or the manga. She is a sadist who enjoys nothing more than enticing men with her seductive charm before crushing them under her heel. Her mastery of the Ultimate Spear inspires her passion for murder. She frequently stabs her victims in vital but not immediately lethal places and then leaves them to bleed to death while she watches the spectacle. The first Homunculus to perish was Lust, and Roy Mustang, one of her attempted victims.

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