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Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 Characters Exclusive To 2003 Anime

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Seiji Mizushima’s anime, Fullmetal Alchemistadapts Hiromu Arakawa’s popular manga series. The series is broadly faithful to its then-incomplete source material during its first half, though the first dozen episodes have the odd filler episode. In the second half, the series, having run out of stories to adapt, goes in a completely original direction. This means that many characters who are introduced later on in the manga (or the second anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) don’t show up. Correlating with that, the anime introduces many original characters without manga/Brotherhood counterparts. Here are the 5 most important ones.

1. Everyone On The Other Side Of The Gate

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The Fullmetal Alchemist anime’s most recent significant revision to the manga’s mythos involved tying the world of the series to our own. Ed learns what’s beyond the gate in the penultimate episode, “Death,” which takes place in London during World War I. He also learns that everyone in the other world is a mirror image of someone in his own and that the energy that powers alchemy flows through the gate from the “actual” world. As compared to the manga, this completely recontextualizes the scenario; instead of being a fantasy world, the world of Amestris is a splinter timeline where alchemy, rather than practical sciences, became the driving force of society. There were only hints that suggested this. Previous episodes
Conqueror of Shamballa, the concluding film, follows Ed in 1920s Germany on the other side of the gate. In Al (rocketry student Alfons Heiderich), Rose (Romani girl Noah), and King Bradley (Fritz Lang—yes, that Fritz Lang, the filmmaker behind Metropolis, M, The Great Heat, and other films), he encounters equivalents to Al. None of these characters actually exist, of course.

2. Dante Replaces Father As The Main Villain

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The master of the Homunculi is the antagonist in both Fullmetal Alchemist films. That master’s identity is different, though. It’s Dante in the 2003 anime. Dante is introduced as an elderly woman who taught the Izumi alchemy technique. Greed appears to have murdered her. She truly has designs on Rose and is a body-hopping immortal who once possessed Lyra. She also wants Ed to replace his father at her side because she was once in love with Hohenheim. It should be mentioned that Arakawa gave her blessing to the show’s departure from her original work and spoke with the anime writers about it. The similarities between Dante and the manga’s villain, Father, demonstrate her influence (immortality, a past with Hohenheim, etc.).

3. Lujon & Lydia Help To Flesh Out Lust

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Lust is a one-dimensional, sadistic antagonist in the FMA manga who is killed by Roy Mustang in Chapter 39, “Complications At Central.” She stays around for a lot longer and develops into a more sophisticated character in the anime. Lust is featured together with two other original characters, Lujon and Lydia, in episode 35, “Reunion Of The Fallen.” The couple was engaged, but a plague had struck their hamlet. While receiving alchemy instruction from Lust, Lujon developed feelings for Lust. Lydia passes away from the illness and dies in Lujon’s lifeless arms because Lust, who was unwilling to deviate from the Homunculi’s purpose, killed him.

4. Colonel Frank Archer Is An Original Antagonist

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In Chapter 39, “Complications At Central,” of the FMA manga, Lust, a nasty, one-note antagonist, is killed by Roy Mustang. She has a significantly longer running time and develops into a more complicated character in the anime. Lust and two other original characters, Lujon and Lydia, are highlighted in episode 35, “Reunion Of The Fallen.” The two were engaged, but a plague had struck their community. Lujon received alchemical instruction from Lust, who Lujon later fell in love with. Lydia contracts the illness and passes away in Lujon’s lifeless arms when Lust, who was unable to budge from the Homunculi’s objective, murders him.

5. So Does Wrath

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Izumi Curtis attempted to transform her stillborn kid in both anime and manga. Izumi’s sin doesn’t merely remain in her past because of the Homunculi’s distinct genesis in the anime. Wrath is the Homunculus that Izumi developed, similar to how the Elrics produced the cartoon Sloth. On Yock Island, Wrath is initially found as a feral youngster. He starts off being pretty innocent, but as Envy gets his paws on him, Wrath turns out to be just as evil as his siblings. Wrath can do alchemy unlike the other Homunculi since he has human limbs—actually, Ed’s lost limbs.

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